Why Email Marketing is Still Relatable Today

Email Marketing is no more. It said that the email is already dead. We often see and use a chat app to communicate. So, it is indeed that email looks like it is gone. However, that’s not true. For a formal type of communication, email is still the best choice. Therefore, Email marketing is relatable to today’s business system. Why is that so?

Easier to Write Proper and Better Marketing Letter

You can’t use the chatting app to create a proper letter. You can indeed attach it, but it will be troublesome, as you need to provide a place to store that letter, which is accessible for the recipient. Email doesn’t need that. You can write directly and create a letter.

In the marketing world, this kind of letter is important to show your seriousness in your campaign. It also gives you a good impression in the eyes of the customer that receives the email. Plus, you can use different designs and formats in your email. This gives you a platform to develop your creativity to promote your business.

Boost Sales

A proper way to promote your business/product through email marketing also gives you a better chance to increase your sales. By sending information about the related product with the product that your customer just bought, there is a chance that it makes them want to buy that. Do it correctly, and you get a long chain of impulse buying here. That’s not only a good way to boost your sales. Check your profit at the end of the month, and get ready to be surprised.

More Effective, Save Time and Budget

Why is it effective? It is easy to aim for a specific type of customer with email marketing. Aim the right group with the right promoted product/service, and you get the best result. It also doesn’t take too much time. Once you have a newsletter service filled with a customer that subscribed to it, you can make an email list from that. Then, send your promotion at once. Save more time!

Email doesn’t require too much budget. You can even use a free email provider if you want. But, we are not recommending it. If you want to run a serious business, do it seriously. Use the best provider; even you have to pay for it. Even though you have to pay, compared to other marketing strategies, it is cheaper, with a bigger ROI.


Using email for marketing purposes is like killing two birds with one stone. On one side, you promote your stuff. The other one, you know what type of customer gives feedback by clicking your product in your email marketing. This is a valuable data resource. Many big businessmen use it for evaluating their strategy, then perfect it for a better result in the future. You also need to do the same, right?

As you can see, email marketing is important and applicable. You can do it manually. But, you might have a problem with deciding the Email Setup that can improve your marketing effectiveness. So, use professional help and have a great time to promote your business.