How to Stay Relevant with Catalogue Marketing


Catalogue marketing is a form of retailing where consumers can select products from catalogues in the store, order it through the mail or an order form. Although online marketing has increased, brands are still using traditional methods like catalogue design to improve the buyer’s journey and make retail catalogues relevant in the digital age.

Here is a step by step guide on how to improve the relevance of your catalogue and reach the target audience you want.


  • Build trust in your readers

A good catalogue and pamphlet printing not only help build a better brand identity but increases the likelihood of customers purchasing the product. Strong brands design their catalogues in a way that not only builds trust among their readers but their customers are able to tell their catalogue design apart from the rest. A good example of this was the Danish electronics retailer, Power. The name Power was identified early and chosen in order to get their customers attention to what they do.


  • Make your pamphlet printing shoppable

According to research done by Lookcast, around 33% of online retailers stated that their customers digital shopping experience was a top priority. Brands realised that most millennials preferred shopping products with a high visual content and they came up with different ways to make their Instagram-worthy catalogue shoppable to younger audiences. The more you show of your brand the better chance is there of consumers building trust with you and turning your catalogue into revenue.


  • Use your designs online as well

In this day and age consumers will look at every touchpoint before deciding to buy your product, which means that your product needs to be uploaded to your website as a PDF as well as through other traditional forms of marketing. Start by identifying your social platforms which are relevant to your brand like your social media, blogs, advertisements and upload your catalogue as well as other high-quality images on this. Archi Products uploads its new architecture designs 2020 on its website as well as snippets on its social media pages, this helps them reach audience online as well as offline.


  • Stay relevant with SEO

SEO is an important part of staying relevant as a brand. Backlinko gives you the entire SEO checklist for 2020 than any business needs to get their search rankings up. Google favours any information that is helpful and relevant, which means you could use a blog, article, app, a video, a product, and a service page to attract and inform customers. Unlike other forms of content, your catalogue will sit under your brand domain which makes it easier for Google to add it to your overall domain authority. If you have fulfilled all the SEO requirements then you’ll be adding to your Google rank too.


  • Catalogue distribution

Target the area where your ideal audience lives and share your catalogue through social media marketing. From there, you can pick your audience and boost the post to reach specific buyers who you are targeting. This works well as it allows customers who are interested to subscribe to you and they are far more likely to buy your products compared to others.

In conclusion

Every brand out there faces competition and it is up to you to stay relevant in a digital landscape. Consumer shopping interests are constantly changing and by ensuring that you use the right catalogue design, you will increase the chances of reaching out to them both online and offline. Your catalogue helps extend the reach and relevance of your offering. Always remember to keep your design simple and eye-catching to make the buying experience easier for the customer.