6 Kitchen Essentials that you should Inspect Every Year

There are so many things that come to mind when we talk about the year-end. We think about special occasions, the things we planned to do at the start of the year that we’re still not able to do until now, and the items at home that you planned on buying but are still on your to-buy list.

I don’t know if your to-buy list includes the essential kitchen fixtures that you need to replace annually but I’m sure that you’re on the verge of a plumbing disaster if these fixtures get broken.

In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the essential kitchen fixtures that you should inspect or replace every year to avoid some burdensome plumbing emergencies that they can cause.

Here they are:

Kitchen lights

Most people usually take a dimming kitchen light for granted. We think that as long as it’s working, there’s nothing to worry about. However, it’s best to store a couple or more of replacement lights at home every time. Don’t wait for your light to flicker or to totally go out before buying a new one.

P-trap under your sink

You may have noticed a series of pipes under your sink that connects the drain to the plumbing pipes outside of your home. That’s the p-trap. It plays a major role in kitchen plumbing because it traps the junk and the grease that gets drained from the sink so they won’t cause clogging deep within your home plumbing system.

You need to get this plumbing part inspected at least annually to make sure that its parts work well and that it can still perform its task. Plumbers usually remove the p-trap to clean it and replace parts that are already worn out.

Kitchen faucet

Our good old kitchen faucet works hard every day to provide water for our daily activities. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re supposed to inspect it for any signs of damage. Some of the leading faucet problems are squeaky handles, aged washer rubbers, and damaged spout.

The life span of faucets usually exceeds a year, but that depends on how many people use it and how it is used. That’s why before every year ends, you’ll have to inspect your kitchen faucet if it’s still in good condition or if it needs replacement.

Rubbish chute

We often take this kitchen essential for granted because it’s not a fancy part of our home. After all, rubbish chute is technically something that we share with the whole building. However, rubbish chutes are prone to several problems that will bring hassle to your household if you don’t prevent them.

There’s a need to inspect and repair your rubbish chute when major parts like the latches, pistons, and the frame gets damaged. The unbearable smell coming from the rubbish chute is another problem that you don’t want to encounter. Be responsible with your use of this home essential. Don’t let leaks, spills, and crumbs of dirt accumulate on the frame or the tube inside your rubbish chute. Be careful in disposing possible flammable wastes too like perfumes, gas, and acid-based substances.

With all the dangerous possibilities surrounding the rubbish chute, you really to have it inspected at least once a year.

Exhaust fans

When the kitchen gets humid because of all your cooking activities, poor indoor air quality is bound to pollute your home. That’s why exhaust fan is a kitchen essential that you shouldn’t lose.

However, we understand that this kitchen equipment is hard to monitor. Usually, there’s no sign that your exhaust fan is on the brink of failing. So before it happens, make an annual inspection for any possible issues. It’s always best to hire a pro to inspect your exhaust fan to make sure that problems can get detected before they worsen.