Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio with Silver Bullion Coins

There are three main reasons why people buy silver bullion. They either buy it as an investment, as a hedge against inflation or for purposes of surviving an economic and financial catastrophe. Those who invest in silver will look at the increase in prices affected by the supply and demand fundamentals. Currently, with the coronavirus, the economic shutdowns, the reduction in production by refineries and mints as well as the reduction in mining output, there is more demand for this precious metal than there is supply, which explains why the price of silver has been rising in recent months.

People who invest in silver as a hedge, do so to protect themselves against inflation. In the 70s, the price of silver skyrocketed in response to the inflation reaching 13%. When inflation came down in the 80s, silver bullion that had been bought in the 70s was sold. People also buy silver bullion to protect themselves against the worst case scenario such as the over printing of fiat currency so much so that it is rendered worthless which has happened I countries like Paraguay, Venezuela and Argentina. In these countries, people who had the foresight to get their money out of the banking system and into buying precious metals survived the worst of the financial meltdown. They were able to use the silver they bought instead of money. Silver is currently trading at just over $24 buy analysts have been predicting that the price might sky rocket to $50 in the next year or two.

If you have too much money tied up elsewhere you might be missing out on what you could be getting from Silver. Having said that, here are some of the best silver bullion coins that you can buy as investment:


  • American Eagle Silver Coins are Popular

It is the only silver bullion coin of its weight and purity that is guaranteed by the government in the U.S. New, Uncirculated silver Eagles sell for at least $1.80 over spot and used ones sell for about $1 above spot price. American Silver Eagles are one of the most recognizable coins in the world and the most sought after.


  • Canadian Maple Leafs Silver Coins

These are silver coins produced by the Canadian Royal Mint. These coins are one of the most aesthetically pleasing bullion coins in the world and at .9999 fineness they are also the purest (most coins are .999 fine). Like American Eagles, new Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins sell for between $1.80 and $2.50 over the spot price. Maple leafs tend to gain value as collectables easily. For example, the 2008 Maple Leafs sell for more than $3.00 over spot. Some issues were minted in low numbers and also tends to gain add to the rarity and hence the collectability of these coins.


  • Austrian Philharmonics Silver Coins

Austrian Silver Philharmonics are considered to be the most beautiful silver bullion coins around followed by the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins. These are the only bullion coins with a Denomination of Euros. They have a legal tender value of €1.5. Austrian Philharmonics Silver coins trade at over $2-3 over spot.

There are many other coins that are produced by mints all over the world. Buy a variety of silver bullion coins to diversify your collection and make your silver portfolio that much special.