A Checklist for Your Business Website

Having a useable business website may seem like a simple thing, but it can be challenging for many businesses. That’s because a business website needs to be so much more than simply a profile page for what your business is. With the importance of SEO and online business growth, your website now needs to be a lot more. Everything you do and choose to implement with your website will make a difference for your business and online visibility.

Here’s a checklist to make sure that your website has everything it needs.

  • Your Business Logo 

What’s important for people dropping on your website for the very first time is that it’s memorable. To achieve that, having your business logo visible in a clear fashion within the header is a must-have. This will help consumers to remember your name and brand.

  • A Contact Email Address 

While a contact page in itself is an essential for any business website, it’s important to have an email address as one of the options. Many consumers will prefer online contact instead of the traditional phone call — especially if it’s an initial inquiry — so failing to include a contact email address may result in consumers choosing not to call.

  • An Easy-to-Use Menu 

Menus should always aim to be clear and without overstuffing. Think about how you would like to browse a website and whether the menu you have designed is too complicated. Would it put you off if you were a consumer on another site? Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

If you have a lot of information to give, use menu titles and subcategories wisely to break up all the information.

If you’re unsure how your website’s navigation should be implemented, it’s a good idea to consult with web designers in Birmingham or your local area to ensure everything is done right.

  • A Mailing List Pop Up

As a business, you want to work on building your customer list. One great way to develop leads is by having website visitors provide their email address. While many pop-ups can be intrusive, a simple pop up when a visitor arrives requesting their email address for a mailing list is highly encouraged.

  • A Fixed Side Bar

Ensure that key information (or engaging content) is always displayed by using a sticky sidebar. This ensures that information remains visible no matter how far down your visitor scrolls.

  • Social Media Icons

As a business, you should be utilizing social media, and your business website should include all relevant icons with links. This makes it easy for visitors to click on any social media page without doing the legwork themselves.

It also helps to promote best and market your social media pages too.

  • A Blog Page

A blog page is a go-to place for visitors who are looking for engaging and informative content. Having a blog page can make your website more interesting, as well as including essential SEO practices.

To give your online marketing the best chance, ensure your business website includes this full checklist.