People time and again believe that hacking can only happen to renowned companies or official government websites. Well, that’s not the case; it could even happen to ordinary people. Having your email account hacked is an awful thing but Losing your important documents and data associated with your business or may be to your personal life is something that is more horrendous. Even after taking a number of preventive measures, people regularly complain of having their account compromised. You can contact Att email tech support phone number for help if you think that s the case.


Keeping your email account out of harm’s way from the hackers may appear problematical for you but in reality, it is extremely trouble-free and in fact, if you follow the measures abidingly; you will absolutely be able to keep your email protected and safe. We have mentioned under some steps that would be helpful for you to defend your email from getting compromised:


  • Create a password which is complex and strong: First and the most important thing to secure your account is making it sure that you have different passwords for all your email accounts as users over and over again tend to apply the identical password for all their email accounts as this helps them to retain the password effortlessly. This is the huge mistake from user’s side as it aids the hackers to hack the passwords with no trouble. So, the best possible resolution to this problem is that you should make your password complex and strong; but also make it sure that you can remember the password. If you find it difficult to make a strong password or to remember it, you can always take the help of the password manager as it can store all your passwords, generate strong passwords for you, and the only password that is needed to open your password manager is what you need to remember. If you have any issues related to the password you can contact customer service phone number provided by AT&T to take care of all your issues.


  • Select two-step authentication for protection: This is particularly a perfect method of keeping your email account protected from any threats. This means that in order to access the email account you will need a particular key additional to a password to log into a new account. This step can protect your email account from hackers particularly when you are using a shared computer. If you ever notice something unusual in your account contact customer care phone number provide by AT&T to assist you in any case.


  • Abstain yourself from opening unfamiliar emails: If you have received an email from an unknown email id and there are links in the email, we would suggest you not to click on the message as this could contaminate your system and your vital information could be stolen.


  • Check your spam folder: There are many hackers who use your email address to send spam or phishing emails to your friends and colleagues. Follow the guidelines of Att email customer care so that you can protect yourself from any mishaps.


  • Always change your password from time to time: You should always change the password of your email account from time to time to make it sure that you are protected from any mishaps. Furthermore, if you have used the community computer for your email recently; ensure that you have changed the password of your account without any delay.

All the steps mentioned would certainly protect your email account from hackers or from any other unusual activity. Nevertheless, in case you notice that your email account has been compromised, then you should always contact At&t email customer service helpline number as they can assist you in keeping your email account protected.

Att have 24/7 customer care service phone number with a dedicated team who are trained and skilled technicians and will assist you every time whenever you need them.

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