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Bellsouth customer service positioned with its extensive list of admired existing and prospective users in the open market. You can acquire the help and support of customer service team for instantly resolving the main and small issues largely associated with it. Under any circumstances, situations and circumstances of main or small setback rectification, you can straightforwardly contact Bellsouth by phone for immediate assistance and support in the open market.

How to configure Bellsouth SMTP settings for outlook?

A number of users, who are using Outlook, normally appear with criticism and grievances that they are to receive my non-att domain email, but I can’t send Emails. They spend the time personally resolving this problem but can’t find any way out for it right away. They say that with Port 465 w/SSL, with Port 25 and Emails or, the problem appear still unsolved to a large degree. It is to be well-known that to help in troubleshooting, any non-att domain emails and its effort to send, get instantly bounced back from system administrator with undeliverable in email headline. It is to be greatly noted that in order to basically avoid their SMTP servers straight away from turning into some kind of open relays, use the AT& T/Yahoo SMTP servers in order to send non-att-yahoo emails or contact Bellsouth support number to do that for you.


Here is a perfect example related to Bellsouth SMTP settings for outlook


  • In Incoming (POP) just mention
  • In Outgoing server (SMTP) just mention, it mainly needs verification.
  • In Incoming mail server simply put POP3.
  • In Incoming/Outgoing, User Name: simply put Full AT&T email address, together with domain, (example or
  • In Incoming mail port # put simply 995, secure connection (SSL) checked mark.
  • In Outgoing mail port # put simply 465, secure connection (SSL) checked mark.


According to the experts and authority, in this specific field, you can do this on your member associated page at, however, be gravely advised: you can just successfully register totality 10 email addresses at a time, and in case, you deleted one, you won’t get any free slot under any situations, it will be gone forever. Furthermore, in case, you’re instantly receiving a bounce-back email then it is not a port trouble.


Why choose Bellsouth customer service?


Bellsouth customer service comes with greatly skilled and huge experienced technicians and employees for resolving customer issues with perfection. They are recognized for their welcoming nature towards customers and they value them and provide support on first come first serve basis.


If you face any difficulties with Bellsouth email you dial Bellsouth customer support and get assistance regarding your mail issues in an instant.