Don’t Lose Hope After a Business Pitch Even if It Didn’t Go Well


It might be easy for you to lose hope when your business pitch didn’t turn out the way you expected. You feel like the investors didn’t love what they heard, and will probably reject your ideas. You also think that they will partner with someone else. They didn’t seem happy while you were talking. Before you feel overwhelmed, these are the reasons why you have to remain hopeful.

The facial expressions don’t mean anything 

You worry about the facial expressions of the investors. They didn’t seem to like what they heard. They also had blank stares throughout your presentation. The truth is that it’s normal for them to have a poker face. They don’t want you to think one way or another. They still need time to assess your pitch, and it could take days. They don’t want to give you a clue about where they’re heading after your presentation.

You’re overreacting 

It’s normal for you to feel pessimistic because it’s a coping mechanism. You expect the worst so that if it happens, it won’t be too terrible. However, you’re making conclusions without any basis. You have to wait until the investors tell you the final decision before you react. Stay calm and see where it goes.

You’re also discouraging your employees 

The entire process wasn’t a solo effort. You worked on the plans with your employees. Therefore, you can’t be too negative. Otherwise, you’re going to dampen everyone else’s spirits. Try your best to stay positive since you’re the leader. If you lose hope, everyone else in your team will.

There’s no point in concluding too soon

You can’t conclude on behalf of the investors. Give them time to assess your pitch and wait until they get back on you. If you want to be productive while waiting, you can assess your presentation. Talk to your employees and ask them what you can do to improve in the future. It’s a better way of dealing with the situation. Besides, regardless of the results, you still need to keep doing better. You might have other presentations in the future, and you need to know how you can do well.

Another option is to improve your meeting room. The investors will decide based on your presentation and how ready your office is to launch a small business. Invest in a video wall mount so the meeting room will look better. You can make it more conducive to professional conversations.

Hopefully, the investors will see your point and decide to fund your ideas. It might not happen right away, but you can do it. You will go from one investor to another before finding the right partner. Once you do, lots of good things could happen.

Keep your hopes up and envision a successful business. You will get there if you work hard, and you bring your team with you. Make the right choices and keep thinking of excellent ideas.