Common Mistakes Everyone Makes With Plants


We all imagine that our plants will look great in our homes, but where you plant your plants is something you need to know before you set your home decor priorities.  


If you want it to thrive, then you need to know what its requirements are and meet them. Giving too much sun to a plant can burn it, but the same goes for not giving it enough sun. There are some common mistakes people make with plants that lead to early death or damage of leaves, and if you want to keep them happy and healthy, you need to avoid these mistakes.


Too much water

One of the biggest mistakes is you are paying too much attention to your plants and watering them often. Every type of plant has different needs when it comes to water, and once you really know that you are needed, you will take care of it properly. Some plants, for example, should not be watered until the soil is completely dry to the touch – or even the first two or so inches. So, make sure you do not overwater your plants.


Not changing the Pot or Planter

Plants should be given a new pot or planter each time, regardless of the type of plant you are growing. For most plants, change of planters should be done every 12 to 18 months. This can vary depending on the size of the plant and whether you experience issues with congested roots. If you keep your plant in the same pot or planter for years, you are at increased risk for problems such as pests, mould and root rot.



Exposure to Extreme Temperature

Like humans, plants are also sensitive to temperature. Your plant will feel cold and feel warm. It is very important to understand the optimal temperature for your plant. It is said that the optimum temperature for photosynthesis is 77 ° F which is 25 ° C. If you feel that the temperature is too high for your plant to survive, you can increase or dim the room lights, choose a cooler location for the plant, or May increase ventilation around the plant.


Types of soil

Check your soil type before purchasing bags to go well with your plants. Different areas of the country have different soils, so some may not work with your chosen plants either. 


Too much Fertilizer

Fertilizers can help plants boost nutrients, but using too much Fertilizer can be dangerous for your plants. This can cause plants to wither, burn and otherwise fail to thrive. In some cases, using too much Fertilizer can permanently damage a plant, and it will be nearly impossible to make your plant healthy as before.


Cleaning your plants

It is important to clean your plants from time to time. In the case of outdoor plants, the dust washes off with rain, but with indoor plants, you have to gently wipe the leaves. A layer of dust prevents the required sunlight from reaching the leaves. Also, a dust-free plant looks better.


So, these were the common mistakes that people do with plants. Just like human beings, plants are living things which need equal care to survive. So, the next time you buy plants online or purchase it from any nursery, make sure you avoid the above mistake.