There are few simple and easy steps how to do an update of Yahoo Mail app in iOS and android or you can contact on yahoo customer service number. Yahoo frequently launches new updates for its users for Yahoo Mail apps for android and iOS. Every user of mail apps appreciate these unique and updated features which are acknowledged by the different platforms. If you are a user of yahoo mail app and you are not getting the update of this app or not able to do the update by yourself, in that case, do not worry as you can now learn how to do update your app on your own or else you can call yahoo technical support phone number.


Android users who use Yahoo mail app get occasionally update to increase the functionality of this app and to resolve bugs. If automatic updates feature is enabled in that case Yahoo Mail get updated itself automatically on your Android or iOS mobile device. There are very simple steps to update the yahoo mail app via play store and App store in android and iOS devices respectively or you can contact yahoo customer care number if automatic update is not enabled.

Here are the simple steps which you can learn easily to update the Yahoo mail app in iOS and android devices.

How to Update Yahoo mail App on Android Devices

  • Launch the Play Store on your Android device. You can find out the icon for yahoo mail app here on one of the screens in the applications menu.
  • Select “Search” and enter “Yahoo Mail” into the field.
  • In the drop down list of suggestions tap on “Yahoo Mail”.
  • Now click on the “Update”.
  • If you find Installed instead of Update that means your mail is up to date.

How to Update Yahoo mail App on iOS Devices

  • Launch the App Store on your iOS device and “Updates” tab should be selected to update the yahoo mail app.
  • Select the “Update” button, and click on next to update yahoo mail app.
  • The app is Up to date now if you did not find Update tab there.

These are the very easy and simple steps to update in any case if you find any difficulty doing the update you can contact yahoo customer service number, yahoo technical support phone number, yahoo customer care number.

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