unable to send yahoo email

Yahoo Email is one of the most trusted and the safest method for online communication. But due to some technical reason, the users confront some of the issues while using it such as ‘unable to send emails from Yahoo Account’ and need some assistance to resolve the same. The users should not worry as here is a solution with complete process where the users are required to follow the instructions with all the steps and even though they have any sort of error then they have another option in the form of Yahoo Customer support number where they will be assisted by the technicians of level six.

Case 1: if the users can’t Send or reply To Emails Using Web Browsers?

If the users are facing issues related to sending or forwarding email then they have some browser add-on issue or due to some other programs might be creating an issue for sending the email in Yahoo. The users can switch to the plain text toolbar in place of “Rich Text toolbar”

1. The users are required to sign in to Yahoo Mail to start the process.
2. After the previous step, they have to click on compose option.
3. Now the users have to click on the double arrow button (<<) which can be found on the right side of the formatting toolbar.
4. After the previous step the users can find a small text window will pop-up (Switch to Plain Text) > and Now they have to press the OK button to switch to the plain Text toolbar.
5. Now it’s time to compose an email and send that to anyone.

Case 2: the email account is temporarily blocked from Sending Messages

If the Yahoo server finds any suspicious activities in the account then it automatically suspends the accounts on a temporary basis and that suspension can be lifted within 1-2 days.

How can the users fix this issue?

There are few ways from which the users can fix the issues such as-

1. The can fix the issue through CAPTCHA word verification
2. One more option is that they can try sending a plain text email to one recipient

As it is observed above that the users have the option to resolve the issues by following the instructions which are provided over here with step by step. In case they face some technical error while following the instructions then they have another option in the form of Yahoo technical support number where skilled technicians will assist them to resolve the issues within a short period of time.

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