If you have issues mentioned below you can follow the steps suggested below or you can always dial AT&T Customer Support Phone Number.

1: Issues related to sending or receiving mails

These issues are common and can be fixed by just following few steps. To resolve this issue just follow the instruction given below.

1: Make sure that email which you are expecting is not under the spam mails folder.

2: Go to Settings>Blocked Addresses and check that there are no addresses from which you are expecting mail.

3: Go to Settings>Filters section to make it sure that emails are coming in the right folder.

4: Now sign out from your mail and then sign back in.

5: Try using different Web browser for opening AT&T email like Firefox or Google Chrome if you are using Internet Explore.

6: Sometimes cookies and cache can slow down your computer and may affect the email so make sure to clean or clear it.

7: Check your JavaScript if it’s up to date and it’s enabled as well. You can look for it in browser settings.

8: If the problem still persists try disabling browser tools and add-ons to check if they creating that issue.

9: Make it sure that Adobe Flash Player is enabled and it’s up to date.

If you are using an email client then try following steps:

1: Verify that you have mail in your Outbox folder. If so, take out those messages and try to send a new message. Sometimes mail gets stuck.

2: Evaluate general email error codes for steps to fix them.

3: Evaluate general email error codes for steps to fix them.

4: Make certain that your email client settings are right.

2: Issues related to deleted mails.

If you have deleted some mails and want to retrieve it, just follow the below instruction to get them back.

1: First thing you need to do is log into your ATT account.

2: Now find the way to the “Missing emails support page”

3: After landing on this page, small online forms will comes up which you would require to fill and submit it. Seeing as you would be logged into your account, so it will automatically understand that you want to recover the lost account.

4: You will come across a space where you would be asked “When did you first notice the messages were missing?” Provide the reason for that.

5: You would need to explain the trouble in to the point, step by step. Explain them that you did not wish to remove the mail but deleted them by mistake.

6: After you have filled up the information, you must correctly “Submit” them by clicking the button with the same name.

7: After submitting you would get a mail from mail-support@Google.com stating whether your email account could be recovered or not.

AT&T email issues are common as I have mentioned 2 common issues above, which can be resolved by step mentioned above or you can call AT&T Technical Support Phone Number or AT&T Email Customer Service.

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