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Yahoo is basically known for email services from a long. Everyone who is using email is aware of its name and services. Yahoo chat messenger was an awesome feature earlier and still, it is working under Oath Company as Verizon acquire it recently and merger AOL and Yahoo under Oath. Email services are essential these days and if you are not receiving emails in your inbox then it needs to be resolved at the earliest. Well, you should not worry as you can follow the steps which are provided below or it still persists then there is another option for you in the form of Yahoo Email Technical Support Number where you will be assisted by the qualified technicians within a short span of time.

There might be many reasons for this error and here you have to just remove those errors in order to resolve the issue-

  1. Check for any Possible Errors in your Yahoo Mail Account:

Before starting the process you are required to check it and ensure it that the problem is really with Yahoo Email or something else. To do so you have to first sign in to the Yahoo Email and then you have to just send an email yourself and see it whether an email is received or not. If you receive the email then an error is not there or you didn’t receive any email in that case you need to rectify the reasons.

  1. Check your Yahoo Mail Account Settings:
  • Spam folder – You have first check it the spam folder as sometimes emails are marked as spam mistakenly. If is that so then remove the check mark and see it that your emails are in the spam folder or not, if it is yes then change the settings of spam folder and select the email and click on the “Not Spam” tab  to move the email to Inbox.
  • Trash Folder – Here you have to check your trash folder to see it that if the email was mistakenly deleted if is that so then just move back them to the inbox.
  • Blocked address – You have to ensure it that if the sender is in your blocked addresses list as it might have been blocked by mistake.
  • Email filters – You are required to check it that the filters in your yahoo mail in case all the missing emails could’ve arrived in another folder.
  • Reply-to address – if you find that your reply-to address is blank then do the necessary action accordingly

According to above description if you will the steps in a proper way then you will be able to resolve the issue. You have to ensure it that you have to follow the steps very strictly one by one. If the problem still persists then you are required not to worry as there is another option for you resolve the issue through Yahoo Email Customer Support Number where you will be assisted by the qualified experts within a short period of time and hassle-free with accuracy.


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