For convenient work by mail service users create their account at Yahoo mail because Yahoo used to update its version and features. Besides its easy and simple use, some troubles occur with users. Some Yahoo mail user gets themselves unable to send and receive emails in Yahoo. This is not a big deal to resolve this problem because experts of tech support team are always there to help users. If you want then you can also follow these simple instructions to fix Yahoo mail sending and receiving email problem.

Step 1. Update your browser and clear all history, cookies, and footprints of the browser.

Step 2. Make sure that you have sent mail successfully.

  1. Check your sent folder
  2. Check for typo errors during entering mail address which causes yahoo email not sending on android
  3. Check your draft folder because it may be your mail couldn’t send.
  4. Ask your recipient to check their filter or spam folder when yahoo mail sent but not received
  5. Cross check if your recipients have blocked you accidentally.

Step 3. If still your yahoo mail not sending emails then ask the technical support team to help you. Yahoo Customer Care Number

If you find the reason why you are unable to send email from yahoo account it becomes easy to fix it. There are many Yahoo mail users who ask technical team I am unable to send emails from my yahoo account and want its solution. This is the simplest way to get solve issues of Yahoo mail because tech support team of Yahoo has trained experts. If you worry about why can’t I send emails from my yahoo account? They don’t because experts of technical support have the experience to solve all kind of technical issues related to Yahoo. Just call to third-party tech support team and ask why is my yahoo mail not sending emails? Trained and skilled experts of Yahoo Email Technical support will dissolve you all issues with the short duration of time. To get immediate help reach tech support experts 24 × 7.

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