How to create BellSouth Email Account?

Although Bellsouth Email comprised of several features for you to utilize in many ways, yet sometimes you failed to handle the simple issue where you failed to even create an account in BellSouth Email. Well, such kind of issues not a big issue and here you can find the solution with complete process. What you have to do is just follow the instruction and steps. In case you failed to do so then there is another option for you in the form of BellSouth Support Number where you will be helped by the qualified technicians without any hassle.

In order to resolve the issue you will be required to just follow the procedure which is mentioned below and execute the same:

  1. To begin the process you will be required to choose which any of the email client whichever you like such as Express, Outlook, and some others.
  2. First, you will be required to open any chosen Email client and then just click on the setup a Mail Account.
  3. After that, you have to just enter your username whichever you want to choose and that should be available too and then just click on the Next button.
  4. Now you will be required to enter the email address which you have received from the BellSouth.
  5. In this step, you have to enter the email address, and after that just click on the Next button and then just visit the Settings of Email Server.
  6. Here you will be required to select POP3 as the Incoming Mail Server which is on the Email Server page.
  7. Finally, by clicking on the Finish button you will be able to complete the Setup of BellSouth Email.

If you will follow the steps which are provided in instructions above then you will be able to resolve the technical error while creating the BellSouth Email account. One thing you have to ensure that, you have followed the steps in a strict manner. In case you failed to so then no need to worry as you can resolve that from another way and that Bellsouth Contact Phone Number where you will get the help of qualified technicians and 24×7 online.


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