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What you can do to recover ATT account


Well, it is quite a frustrating and panicking situation for everyone who suffers from these kinds of things as vital information is on a stake. To come out from this situation there is a solution where everyone has to follow the instruction to resolve the issue in an easy manner. Here are few instructions on some steps we are providing. And even though the users confront some errors then they have another option in the form of AT&T techical support number where they will be assisted by the qualified experts within a short span of time.


The users have to first check it out whether their account is really hacked or not. Here are few signals which can indicate whether their account is compromised or not.


If the users received a notice as an official Email from AT&T internet services security center that there is mail received from the users as a spam, you can’t sign in to your account, or you are not receiving any email from anyone, then it is possible that your account is compromised. There are some other symptoms that indicate it that your account is compromised:


  • The users get complaints that they are sending spam mails to the contact list they have.
  • The users are not receiving any email.
  • The users are receiving an email in bulk as bounce email which they never send.
  • The users are unable to sign in to their account.
  • The users can see some unknown email in the sent
  • The users get an email related winning a reward from AT&T.

How to recover your account

The users have must have checked the above mentioned points and now they have to find it out whether those points matching with their situation or not. If any one of the points is matching then it is sure that their account is compromised and they have to follow the below steps to resolve the issues.

Change email password

The users are required to change their email’s password at the earliest to save their vital information and after the verification of all the gadgets change the password again to secure your email id.

Create or update account security questions and answers

The users are required to change their security questions and answers set by them while creating AT&T Email.

Secure your computers 

The users have to secure their computer from the malware as it can steal the vital data from the computer or any other system in an easy manner if it is not protected

  • The users are required to scan all the system and gadgets from the antivirus software which is powered by McAfee which is free for the AT&T Email users.
  • The users have kept it in mind that their anti-malware tool should be up-to-date as outdated malware can cause a problem for the users.
  • The users are required to ensure that their operating system must be updated for the new technology of security software.


As it is observed and analyzed that by following the instructions mentioned above, the users can resolve their all the issues related to email like compromised email in AT&T. in case they still confront some technical errors while following the instructions then they have an option in the form of ATT Customer support number where they will be assisted by the qualified professionals who will resolve the issues within a short span of time and without any hassle.

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