5 Common Issues Faced by Gmail Users

I am Outlook Expert and for that reason many people comes up to me for various issues related to their outlook account may it Outlook not functioning properly, not able to send or receive mails through Outlook, emails are getting deleted, documents missing, etc. In most of these cases, clients were using Gmail as their server. In reality, Outlook is a fine tool for email administration and managing them. . If truth be told, Gmail doesn’t have any limitations but outlook does have some as it was not meant for Gmail particularly.

As far as my I know, Gmail was never planned for Outlook, in fact, it was designed as a platform which will based on browser. The common reason behind most of the issues is that Gmail and Google apps were never intended for Outlooks. The other reason for issues with Gmail is that most of the user are still stuck to IMAP settings when Google is offering to sync Apps( With a nominal Fee). Well, Gmail customer support phone number is available for you if you encounter any such problem, but it is advised that you should take precaution to avoid any issues.

In this Blog, I am going to discuss 5 common issues faced by Gmail user and how to resolve them so make sure to read till below.

1: IMAP synchronizes constantly

Outlook monitors your emails limit; if you have exhausted your limit it will stop syncing your mails from Gmail plain and simple. If you see a link which says “Synchronizing” all the time at the bottom right of Outlook, it’s a sign that you have an problem in your client mail. “IMAP” is a platform which Gmail uses to sync all your mails which sometime creates issues. If you want you can opt for POP but you won’t be able to sync your mails. The issue with is that the enormous amount of mails and attachments people have in their account which makes syncing slow and takes longer for Gmail server to sync with Outlook. In order to fix this you have to move large email to local PST file and erasing IMAP folders so that they don’t get subscribed by Outlook.

2: Hidden Filters/All Mail and Important

If you are using the free Gmail version, your browser may never give you an idea regarding your issue with email size as its planned not to have any issues. Outlook will let you download your folders into a sub folder of your Gmail Customer Support account. You might have to go stare for this as it might come into view that its collapsed. To get the set of folders click + sign to extend the folders. For example, All Mail, Important, Junk, Sent, and others.

Duplicate copy of all your mails (Sent or received) are stored in All mail folder. All the important mails that Gmail finds important are stored in ‘Important’ folder. Junk Emails is the folder where all the spam and junk mails are stored. Sent is a folder where all your sent mails are stored and so on.

 3:  Not able to send or receive mails.

Not able to send or receive mails? Well, the reason could be that you have exhausted your email limit. In order to fix this problem you have to transfer lot of emails. First, transfer your sent mails to local PST file and then move old mails and important to a local PST file. These steps will kick start your outlook Gmail.

4:  Not using the Google Apps Sync tool

Google Apps sync is a great tool which allows you to read all your email if you are Gmail as a server and outlook as the platform. Download the Google Apps Sync and install it on your computer and it will automatic synchronize your email, contacts and calendar with the Google apps system. Using this tool will let use your email without many issue or fewer issue but if you do face any like synchronizing with Google Apps tools it could be because of confliction. Try switching to Microsoft Exchange as its works swiftly and promptly with outlook without any sync tools.

5: Not able to setup Gmail on Outlook

Setting up a Gmail account in Outlook can be irritating as you have to set it up manually and for you could be asked to disable many security measures like turn on or turn off Secured apps provided by Gmail. For further info you can refer to the mentioned link For Gmail Technical Support https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps

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